Asking For It

Ed Greene, a National Guardsman, returns from Iraq with a troubled conscience and stolen artifacts, discovers his wife is being unfaithful, and is haunted by a ghost in the antique village where he has his cabin. He finds his true love but fearing for her safety with the apparition, drives her away into the arms of another.

Coming to his senses, he begs her to return, only to have the other man unwilling to let her go. When she is kidnapped from his cabin, Ed goes outside the law to find and save her before it is too late.

A love story, and a story of the aftermath of war, in the end when called up for another tour, Ed must make the gravest decision of his life.


“The territory covered and the manner in which naturalist/journalist Allen relates it is palpably real. But that is where the book takes on a sense of compassion for the travails of each of us in this world that simply no longer makes sense. Ed Greene becomes us, and that is a signature of a fine author—utter involvement with the main character and the pledge to self-examination/preservation and honesty. Paul Allen is the real thing.”
—Amazon review

It is obvious that Allen knows his material as his research is spot on and his writing rings true. The best part, though, is that it is nicely blended into the fabric of the story, becoming another element. Allen’s ability to weave the many elements of Asking For It into a satisfying novel is first rate.”
—Amazon review