Negro Fort

Two slaves, Joe Cudjo and his wife Janie, run away from a Georgia plantation, taking a small boat down the river into Florida. There on the riverbank was the “Negro Fort,” a stronghold of runaway slaves and renegade Indians.

At the fort, Joe becomes a soldier in its army. He and Janie begin a new life in a prosperous community of a thousand free blacks. But when an American invasion is mounted to destroy the fort, Joe and the others must fight to save their dream.

Based upon fact, Negro Fort is a story that has never been told.


“The best historical fiction tells you a tale from the past that shocks you, surprises you, and educates you to something you knew absolutely nothing about. Paul Allen’s Negro Fort does all of that and more. It’s so well written that it plays like a movie in your head, so filled with vivid characters that they’ll haunt your dreams, so driven toward its climax that you cannot resist its momentum and will keep reading long after you’d planned to go to bed. You will read it quickly but remember it forever.”
—William Martin, New York Times Bestselling Author of Citizen Washington and The Lincoln Letter

“Make no mistake—Paul Allen’s novel is a page-turner that takes you over completely with its cinematic mix of unforgettable characters in a world of beauty and terror. You can no more put this down than you could walk out of Spartacus, Dances with Wolves or Braveheart.”
—Frances Doel, motion picture story editor and script consultant

“A most moving and important book to read. You learn so much about the times, the people, the heartaches, the terror and determination. I will keep these folks in my mind perhaps forever. Wonderful book.”
—Amazon review